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You're probably familiar with ergonomics as it applies to the home and workplace. Keyboards that support your wrists and chairs that reduce the spine's fatigue are daily used products. But, what about the gym?

Our Optimo Grips are changing the way people work out. Why? Firstly, you want to take care of yourself. That is why you work out in the first place. To look and feel better. Secondly, it is what our company does. How have we done it? A great deal of research and development has went into our patent-pending design. The wing designed grips contour to the natural shape of your palm, enhancing your workout like no grip before us have accomplished. The Optimo Grips force proper alignment of the wrists, reducing injuries and discomfort. Lifted weight is distributed, to a wider surface area of your hand, in the most ergonomically way possible. Your personal attachable/detachable Optimo Grips will forever change the way you work out.