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Ergonomic Hand Grips for Dumbbells/ Barbell

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Your Personal Attachable/Detachable Optimo Grips will Forever Change the way You Work Out.

Optimo Grips can help improve your performance at the gym while providing health benefits for your muscles, nerves and tendons. The Optimo grips are designed to fit most of the equipment you'll encounter at the gym. 

  • Optimo Grips help improve your performance at the gym.
  • They offer a superior ergonomic grip on the weights.
  • The Optimo design adapts to the shape of your hand leading to a better distribution of opposing forces.

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  • "I've broken my wrist before and starting using the Optimo Grips I can immediately feel relief because of the weight being distributed over a larger surface area and ergonomics design keeps your body in alignment."


    Oakville, Ontario

    Barbell Fitness Hand Grips Toronto
  • "As someone who has seen every grip on the market, everything about the Optimo Grips just makes sense. You will not hold a more comfortable grip. I assure you that. The wing design just contours perfectly to your palm. If you are serious about working out, then think seriously about adding these grips to your workout bag. You won't regret it!"


    Oakville, Ontario

    Barbell Fitness Hand Grips Toronto
  • "As an occupational therapist I'm always looking for effective ergonomic solutions to help my clients in their every day lives. That's one of the reasons I was impressed with the Optimo Grips. They disperse pressure evenly through your palms providing a more effective grasp and giving a sense of a more balanced and secure weight in your hand. Also provides a solid grip without the need for chalk. Definitely an ergonomic win!"


    North Bay, Ontario

    Barbell Hand Grips Oakville
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